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2-way Passive PA Speaker System with Two 15" LF Drivers and 1" HF Compression Driver

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22,500,000 ریال بدون مالیات.

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تلفن : 66759380

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تحت لیسانس آمریکا
آمپلی فایر ندارد
سایز ووفر 15 اینچ
سایز تویتر 1 اینچ
نهایت توان خروجی 500w
آمپدانس 4ohms
حد اکثر SPL 133db
جنس بدنه چوب
رنج پاسخ فرکانسی 36Hz - 16Khz
نوع ورودی اسپیکون
وزن 42.6 Kg

اطلاعات بیشتر


  • Dual JBL low frequency drivers with a 64 mm (2.5 in) diameter edgewound ribbon voice coil which provides more crosssectional wire area in the voice coil gap than round wire designs, for greater efficiency and power handling.
  • JBL 2414H-C 25 mm (1 in) polymer diaphragm compression driver improves high frequency performance as well as system reliability.
  • The advanced network topology crossover design shapes frequency response and delivers coherent summation in the crossover region.
  • A "Quasi 3-Way" design offers the extra bass for which a dual fifteen system is designed, but without sacrificing performance in the critical mid-range. The upper woofer produces mid-frequencies and bass, while the lower woofer concentrates on bass only. The reduction in mid-range phase cancellation greatly improves midrange sound quality and coverage.
  • High-voltage capacitors and inductors with massive cores and heavy gauge wire enable the crossover network to handle high power without saturating.
  • Progressive Transition™ high frequency waveguide provides superior coverage control, reduced distortion, and smoother frequency response.
  • The rugged, acoustically superior enclosure is constructed from 19 mm (.75 in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) using advanced adhesives and mechanical fastener technology for extreme durability and improved low-frequency performance.
  • SonicGuard™ protects the highfrequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance.
  • Non-resonant, all-steel handles are used.
  • Attractive 18-gauge perforated, steel grille protects components from damage.

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2-way Passive PA Speaker System with Two 15" LF Drivers and 1" HF Compression Driver